ZOP PLUS Magazine – Mission and Services

ZOP PLUS Magazine Ltd is a consulting organization that for more than 10 years has been providing its clients and subscribers with a wide range of legal and other specialized services to support the management of public procurement processes, incl. preparation and verification of tender documentation, legal assistance in appealing procedures or imposed financial corrections, consulting in public procurement and much more.

Among the main areas of our business activities is the conduct of specialized face-to-face and online seminars and trainings on the Public Procurement Act and the electronic public procurement through the CAIS EPP platform. Driven by our desire to be as useful as possible to all clients, contractors, responsible institutions and experts, we cooperate with leading lecturers and specialists in the field. This, as well as the ambition for optimal choice of locations and organization of events in accordance with the highest quality criteria, has established us as a top option for all who seek training services in the award and execution of public contracts, both in traditional and digital working environment.

A key direction in our activity is the publication of the periodical of the same name “ZOP PLUS Magazine” – a top specialized periodical and market leader in the information concerning public procurement, which reaches thousands of contracting authorities, entities and participants in tender procedures under PPLaw. The magazine is published monthly (12 issues per year) and is distributed through an annual subscription. On its pages it offers everything necessary to specialists in the field of public procurement – analytical articles and reviews of current regulatory changes, useful advice and practical guidelines, case studies, sample documents, relevant case law, guidelines of responsible public institutions in the sector, practice of control authorities, as well as other useful information. In accordance with the tendencies of increasing penetration of information and communication technologies not only in business relations but in all spheres of interaction between people, since the beginning of 2022 the “ZOP PLUS Magazine” is available only in digital format.

We also fulfill our mission to offer expert advice and solutions based on knowledge and effective communication through other publishing projects, the electronic public procurement portal ZopPlus.com and the National Public Procurement Advice Phone Line. And in order to strengthen our position as a leading organization in the sector, we are constantly developing new services such as “ZOP+ Public Procurement Assistant”, “Annex Garant”, on-site trainings for specific organizations, various formats of online training and consulting, and much more.

Looking forward to working with you! Together we can procure a better future!


ZOP PLUS Magazine Ltd.

Address: Sofia 1301, 9a Pozitano Str., Office 7
Phone: (+359) 88 265 3036
Email: zopplus@gmail.com


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